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.I couldn’t be more happier with the entire process before, during and after. Mr Cullen is an exceptionally friendly and knowledgeable surgeon who rightly so has confidence, he knows exactly what he is doing and performed the operation with exceptional standard. The hospital staff from the nurses, recovery room etc were overtly friendly and professional and the environment clean and comfortable. The secretaries provides an exceptional friendly and professional service who arranged everything for me. My operation went like a dream, from arrival, during and after. The operation was done with clear precision and neatness. I would whole heartedly recommend Mr Cullen and his team and the hospital and would return there in a heartbeat. The greatest testament I can provide is that I recommended my sister who herself recently had an operation performed to her full satisfaction.

— Mrs. C. Harrow
Mr Cullen is an empathetic doctor who I felt listened to me carefully. He explained that he thought my pain was caused by osteo arthritis, I opted for a permanent solution to the problem, which was to have a fusion of my left mid-foot and the correction of the bunion at the same time. He explained the procedure well, I would recommend Mr Cullen if you have to have surgery on your feet. He is very proficient with a scalpel and has a good bedside manner, and a sense of humour, which I felt was important and helped get me through.
— Mrs. B.C.
One year on from when I was free of all plaster/air boots and wow!; what a difference your genius has made to my life!
No more pain in the ankles, golf without having to take pain killers and anti inflammatory tablets and, 2 shots off my handicap and now playing off a solid 8!
Just wanted to say a huge thanks for your care, attention and patience!
Have a great summer!
— Mr. P.T.
Thank you for all of your excellent efforts on my behalf, in relation to my ankle. I could tell immediately after the operation that I had more flexibility in the joint, and it has made my ankle more comfortable. I would like to thank you personally, for what I regard as a great success.
— Mr.S London

After years of misery before my care was transferred to RNOH, I have recommended many people to the foot and ankle unit and will continue to do so

Mrs. J.F.

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